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TLDR: We run live online events periodically – Please feel free to check the link for a list of our upcoming events.

We periodically deliver our in-person training programme online via live zoom video presentations. 

These events are designed to provide a crash course in the presentation of each profile of neurodivergence and help you to understand both the root of the difficulties you may encounter and what strategies you can use to support these difficulties.

We currently offer the following the following presentations:

  • General overview of neurodivergence
  • Understanding Autism (Child)
  • Understanding Autism (adult)
  • Understanding PDA
  • What are regulation and dysregulation?
  • Understanding sensory regulation strategies 
  • Understanding ADHD (Child)
  • Understanding ADHD (Adult)
  • I think I have ADHD …now what? (Adult)
  • Understanding emotional ADHD
  • Navigating dual diagnosis (Autism and ADHD)
  • The importance of co-regulation

Each presentation is approximately 2 hours long and provides a deep dive into its subject matter. Accessibility is always a top priority and as such we make every effort to use the tools available to us to ease the overwhelm of this volume of information in the short time frame. These tools often include (where possible) a recording of the presentation available after the event, the slides from the presentation available to download, a transcript supplied, and subtitles enabled during the live broadcast when possible.

These training presentations can also be booked both in-person or virtually to be delivered to your workplace, education setting or community group. SEE HERE for our training package pricing or email [email protected] for more information.


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